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Jean Abou Samra jean at abou-samra.fr
Sun Dec 18 21:16:33 UTC 2022

Le 18/12/2022 à 22:03, Abraham Lee a écrit :
> Great questions, Jean.
> As a font creator (both text and music) and semi-power user, I've 
> always hated that LilyPond only looks within its own data folder for 
> music fonts. This has required me to duplicate all my fonts to the 
> data directory of every new version of LilyPond I install to make them 
> accessible to that version. It's tolerable, yes, but feels a bit 
> needless duplicating the same files over and over, IMHO. So, while 
> we're on this topic, is there any chance the music fonts can get the 
> same treatment as text fonts? In other words, if the music font family 
> doesn't exist in the data directory, search the system's folder? Would 
> love to be able to install them like a normal font and use them 
> with any version. Pretty sure I wouldn't be the only one who 
> appreciates that. My two cents.

Abraham, this is a sensible request that I have thought about at times, 
but the context of my question is very different. LilyPond uses 
Fontconfig only to look up glyphs in Emmentaler if the font-encoding is 
'fetaText, for dynamic texts, fingering digits and the like, but for 
most glyphs it uses an entirely different internal mechanism. Here, I am 
concerned with fixing the problem reported at 
which means preventing LilyPond from finding its fonts externally in 
'fetaText (and hopefully there is a way to do this and still make the 
music font searched elsewhere if it's *not* in the datadir). Satisfying 
your request would mean touching a different area, the code that looks 
up music fonts in 'fetaMusic and 'fetaBraces encoding.

By the way, is there already an issue for your request in the LilyPond 


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