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Kerr, Greg Greg.kerr at authentec.com
Mon Dec 19 07:01:26 PST 2011

The AES2810 sensor has two modes of operation. One is encrypted and the other is not.

The WBF solution provided by Windows 7 enables the "lower security" mode whereas the proprietary drivers supporting Pre-Boot Authentication is in high-security mode.

If someone wishes to reverse engineer a solution, going after WBF on Win7 would be the best bet.

We (AuthenTec) would be happy to help with any technical information necessary to provide support for any AES or Upek sensor. You may contact me directly or write to this list. The noted email below will go to our developer support team who is instructed to assist opensource efforts.

Greg Kerr
VP Software
AuthenTec, Inc.

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> Have you ever tried to work together with AuthenTec ?
> Maybe the following will help :
> -- developers at authentec.com
> -- http://developers.authentec.com/
> If it does, make the AuthenTec AES2810 working first, please. ;)

I think I have the same model and I really want to get it working as well!

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