[fprint] a new driver - vfs301

Andrej Kruták dev at andree.sk
Fri Dec 30 14:03:59 PST 2011

Hi guys,

at https://github.com/andree182/vfs301 I am currently keeping a driver for
the Validity devices vfs300/301.

Sebastian (another coder helping me) suggested it could be problem to
integrate the driver into the mainline.

So I wanted to ask - what are the "conditions"? Does it have to be a
single-file driver? Also, currently we don't exactly understand most of the
binary stuff, so there's not really that much documentation (or constants
etc.) on how the device actually works - and quite an amount of binary
blobs... Is that a problem, or can we leave the unclear parts as-is for the
time being?

Best regards,

Andrej Krutak
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