[fprint] vfs5011 support

Pierre Mauduit pierre.mauduit at gmail.com
Sun Feb 12 10:21:29 PST 2012


I have been provided by my company a dell vostro 3350 laptop last week,
and I had to reformat the hard disk in order to install ubuntu. I lost
the drivers and the windows app, thus I'm unable to snoop the usb
traffic. The device is the following (relying on lsusb output) :

Bus 002 Device 003: ID 138a:0011 DigitalPersona, Inc 

It seems that someone here already posted some usb snooping sessions, I
wrote a python snippet which tries to mimic the urb sent to the device,
but I'm a bit stuck with reverse engineering for now (the device on the
capture files does not seem to be "plugged" at the same place as on my
laptop - hypothetically bus 3 device 4 in the provided logs, bus 2
device 3 on mine).

- Is there a special windows app to install in order to be able to snoop
the usb traffic ? I successfully installed the driver into a win seven
virtualbox, but I could not manage to find a suitable software to use it

- Is there anybody here currently working on the same device ? I tried
to hack around the vfs101 driver with no luck, the initialization
process does not look the same, and adding the vendorId / productId into
the sources does not do the trick unfortunately. I got the following
output, trying to use the enroll example:

Scan your finger now.
vfs101:error [async_recv_cb] seqnum mismatch, got 0401, expected 0000
async:error [fpi_drvcb_enroll_stage_completed] BUG at async.c:161
sync:error [fp_enroll_finger_img] unrecognised return code -5
Enroll failed with error -22

- Additionally, do you have some hints in order to get started with the
current fprint code ?



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