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pietrek -- pietrek.j at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 12:15:07 PST 2013

sorry for wasting your time again, but I completely have no idea what to 
do next.
I copied AES3500 and changed only DATA_BUFLEN.
My AES3400 driver scans one image correctly, but hangs on second one.
Length of last USB packet with image data is exactly equal my 
DATA_BUFLEN ( 0x208d ).
This packet contains image and all registers sent by device( last 
register in this packet, i checked it in documentation ).
I do not close the device - driver doesn't send anything after scanning.
When I perform next scan, library hangs after writing:
sync:debug [fp_enroll_finger_img] aes3400 will handle enroll stage 1/4.
I have no idea what my driver does wrong. Have anyone usblogs from 
working aes-like devices continously scanning?
     Piotr Jarosz

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