[fprint] AES3500 patch test report

Tom Chiverton tom+fprint at falkensweb.com
Sat May 4 09:27:12 PDT 2013

On Saturday 04 May 2013 18:15:29 Paul Sokolovsky wrote:
> Some thinking helped though. First of all, AES3500 cannot capture a
> *fingerprint*, it just physically too small for that. It can capture
> only small sub-area of it, then depending on how exactly you put your
> finger on it, areas will be rather different, likely straining NBIS.
> As a fingerprinting layman, I also put my index finger's tip on
> the sensor, and the tip contains almost parallel lines, and probably
> lacks enough features to recognize. Shape of my APC Biopod kinda

I've not even wikipedia'ed it, admittedly, but rather thought fprint was 
stitching together a series of snap shots taken as you move your finger down 
across the face of the camera. 

Much like a panorama feature in many cameras...

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