[fprint] New driver for AuthenTech AES3500

Daniel Drake dan at reactivated.net
Wed May 8 07:03:21 PDT 2013

El 08/05/13 02:54, Juvenn Woo escribió:
> Dear all,
> I'm submitting the AES3500 driver for peers to review.
> The AES3500 is a pretty old fingerprint device produced by AuthenTech. It
> possesses a *press-typed* sensor of dimension in 128x128. Which is
> similiar to AES4000, except the later is in 96x96.
> The driver is a deriative work of Daniel Drake's AES4000 driver, with a
> few parameters tuned for AES3500. While there seems no problem scanning
> fingerprint images with it, the verification rate is pretty low at the
> moment.

The AES4000 driver performs badly as well. As you've commented, the 
likely problem is that only a tiny area of the finger is sampled.

I imagine the windows driver (where the sensor seems to perform OK) has 
a fingerprint processing engine heavily tuned to small amounts of data. 
It's probably quite insecure as a result.

Thanks for the contribution!


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