[fprint] DigitalPersona UareU 4500

Linos info at linos.es
Fri Sep 13 04:38:08 PDT 2013

	i have finally bought one unit of this model to test it.

I am testing using fingerprint-gui right now, later i will need to
integrate with my own software.

It works but verification seems to work much better in windows with the
u.are.u SDK.

Fingerprint-gui read my finger only one time to enroll it, in windows i
have to do 4 corrects readings to enroll one finger.

My finger doesn't work very well with libfprint (fail to verify half of
the times), but works every time using u.are.u SDK.

>From what i can read here
http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/fprint/libfprint/uru4000/ it
seems that the matching/verification process it's done by libfprint,
maybe this is the difference?

Miguel Angel.

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