[FriBidi] Incorrect Arabic text rendering in maperver

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Fri Jan 7 07:53:24 PST 2011

You should probably post the images at a service like:

http://www.imagebin.ca/ (which seems to be down at the moment)

that let you upload an image, and then give you a url that you can post 
to the list. Most lists do not like big attachments.


On 1/7/2011 9:49 AM, Ian Walberg wrote:
> Steve,
> I have posted the images etc but the post is waiting approval as the
> attachments make the post too big.
> Thanks again for you help so far.
> Regards
> Ian
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> On 1/5/2011 11:01 PM, Ian Walberg wrote:
>> Hello list and Happy New Year,
>> I have posted this on the mapserver list and our current assumption is
>> this is an issue related to fribidi and the font we are using.
>> We are seeing incorrectly rendered Arabic text, typically a 'square'
>> displayed instead of one of the characters or sometimes one or more
>> characters missing.
>> The data is coming from shape files and most the names appear to be
>> displayed correctly.
>> This is being seen on both ms4w and the target Linux installation.
>> Any idea where to look would be greatly appreciated. Is the 'square'
>> character what Freetype displays if it cannot find a character in the
> font.
>> Specifically we get the issue with the Arabic text for the city
>> Alexandria (in Egypt) with the font UniversOTSArabic.ttf and
>> ArialUni.ttf. Andaltewt.ttf works ok.
>> Many thanks
>> Ian
> Ian,
> Can you put you sample images on a site and post links to them so that
> people can see the problem you are having. I'm guessing a picture is
> worth more then a thousand words in this case.
> Also it would help if you can post the UTF8 text string that is not
> displaying properly that that might also be helpful. To fix any problem
> like this we need to simplify the problem into a simple test case that
> the developers can try out.
> And for what its worth, mapserver is probably built using
> fribidi-0.19.2.
> -Steve W
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