[Ftp-release] ANNOUNCE: Rapicorn release 10.08.0 available

Tim Janik tim.janik at lanedo.com
Fri Aug 20 15:11:44 PDT 2010

Rapicorn 10.08.0 is available for download:


Rapicorn is an Experimental UI Toolkit.
Most things in a toolkit implementation will benefit from proper
application of modern technologies (e.g. pthreads, XCB, Cairo,
compositing, IDL, XML notation, path evaluation, DSLs, unit tests,
SVG). Rapicorn is developed on this base with the aim to significantly
improve developer efficiency and user experience.

This release contains a multitude of new features like Python bindings,
an automated test suite, myriads of bug fixes and small improvements.

     Homepage:           http://rapicorn.org/
     Downloads:          http://rapicorn.org/dist/rapicorn/
     Feedback:           http://rapicorn.org/mailman/listinfo/rapicorn-list

Updates in Rapicorn 10.08.0:

* Introduced Cairo dependency.
* Introduced C++ TR1 dependency (for shared_ptr, etc).
* Added $RAPICORN environment variable to control logging and more.
* Added PLIC, a pluggable IDL compiler.
* Added Remote Object Programming Extension.
* Added window and widget addressing functionality.
* Allow signal disconnections by Id.
* Added simple expression parser to evaluate property value assignments.
* Added sample expression evaluator as: ui/tests/sinfextest --shell
* Added XML UI file error reporting.
* Changed packing properties into regular Item properties.
* Merged h/v-scale and -align into Item pack properties.
* Replaced hfill/vfill in Table by h/v-scale and -align properties.
* Replaced *_attach in table by Item's h/v-position and -span properties.
* Got rid of the packer class entirely.
* Added testing framework with macros and reference files.
* Added '-x' to rapidrun to auto-exit.
* Added '--list' to rapidrun to list gadgets from a GUI file.
* Provide regular expression parser API in rapicorn-core.
* Introduced a basic typed value system and model APIs.
* Started list area/widget development.
* Optimized resizing performance.
* Cosmetic fixups in colors and gradients.
* Implemented horizontal and vertical size groups.
* Renamed string_to_cescape() and fixed string_to_cquote() quoting.
* Generate internal C++ bindings (to IDL specifications).
* Provide a main loop implementation in Python.
* Generate external Python bindings.
* Majorly extended test suite.
* Optimized remote invocations and reference counting.
* Started migrating interfaces from headers to IDL.
* Hand optimized threading primitives and main loop handling.
* Applied fixes for AMD64 compilation. [Stefan Westerfeld]
* Updates to compile with GCC-4.4.
* Linker optimizations to improve ELF relocations.
* Loads of other cleanups and bug fixes.

Yours sincerely,
Tim Janik


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