[Ftp-release] Announce: telepathy-qt4 0.3.8

Olli Salli ollisal at gmail.com
Tue Aug 24 11:27:30 PDT 2010

telepathy-qt4 0.3.8 (2010-08-24)

The "a weekend (and quite a bit of the Monday early hours) well spent" release.

tarball: http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-qt4/telepathy-qt4-0.3.8.tar.gz
signature: http://telepathy.freedesktop.org/releases/telepathy-qt4/telepathy-qt4-0.3.8.tar.gz.asc

* fd.o#29395 - Update to spec 0.19.10
* fd.o#29461 - Update to spec 0.19.11
* fd.o#28948 - Added docs/tests/missing Qt properties to AccountSet
* fd.o#29357 - Account::iconName() and icon() now always return
sensible non-empty values
* fd.o#28819 - Better {Account,ConnectionManager}::protocolInfo()
powered by spec 0.19.10 API and
               suitable fallbacks for older services
                - Up-to-date CMs can now be introspected with less
D-Bus round-trips
                - New API capabilities(), vcardField(), englishName(),
iconName() on ProtocolInfo
                  and ManagerFile
* fd.o#25126 - Some redundant debug output has been removed
* fd.o#27460 - Connection now introspects post-spec-0.19.2 services
with less D-Bus round-trips
* Connection::contactManager() and ::capabilities() semantics are now
less of a SIGSEGV death-trap -
  they now always return a non-NULL value, but operations on them fail
with descriptive errors if
  the Connection isn't in a suitable state (such as when it's in the
process of invalidating itself
  due to eg. the connection getting disconnected)
* Account::connection() no longer does needless re-parsing of the
object path every time it's called

* fd.o#28947 - Account::filterAccounts doc does not properly format the example
* fd.o#28651 - Cannot receive files using gabble 0.9
* fd.o#29145 - AccountSet::accountRemoved is emitted for newly-created
  non-matching accounts
* fd.o#29699 - ChannelRequest incorrectly checks immutable properties,
leading to needless
* Broken iteration code in MediaStream resulting in busy-looping
forever in many cases
* (Harmless) uninitialized memory use reported by valgrind in Account internals

Test suite improvements:
* fd.o#29702 - Unit tests now execute reliably, without race
conditions, and 10-30x faster
* A new script repeat-tests.sh for re-running tests multiple times,
saving the logs for the failed
  rounds has been added to the release procedure to detect races
* Added a conservative 10 minute per test case watchdog to detect
hung-up test logic
  - This should be plenty even for heavily loaded VM build bots, as
the whole test suite now
    executes in 2.4-2.5 seconds on my laptop
* The StreamedMedia legacy and Future.Call tests now actually have
different names to be able to
  distinguish between them in the test logs
* Test coverage reporting now works again; turns out we need to
disable building the shared library
  when it is enabled
* amd64 memory use errors (pointer size != int size) calling
g_object_new() in tests have been fixed


Olli Salli

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