[Ftp-release] Announce: telepathy-glib 0.11.16

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Wed Sep 15 09:56:38 PDT 2010

The "Fear my moo of fury!" release.

This is the second release candidate for the 0.12.x stable branch: we don't
anticipate many changes before 0.12.0 (hopefully, none).

Note that if the Vala bindings are enabled, either GObject-Introspection must be
older than 0.9.5, or GObject-Introspection and Vala must both be very
recent (g-i 0.9.6 and Vala 0.9.9 will hopefully be suitable).

telepathy-glib is the GObject binding for the Telepathy real-time communication
framework, which can be used to implement user interfaces, connection managers
(protocol backends), and other Telepathy components.



• Update to stable spec 0.20.1 (smcv)
  - generate basic API for Chan.I.Conference
  - generate basic API for Chan.T.ServerTLSConnection and TLSCertificate
    (server-side only for now, since TLSCertificate will require a new TpProxy

• When connections are created in a CM, debug-log the sanitized parameter
  values (wjt)

• When a TpBaseChannel is created, log an error if it doesn't have a parent
  connection (wjt)


• fd.o #30134: rename TpIntSet to TpIntset, with compatibility typedefs for
  the old name, to avoid breaking recent gobject-introspection (pwithnall)

• fd.o #30134: add more gobject-introspection annotations to work better
  with recent versions, and work around another case of (skip) not working
  in older versions (pwithnall, treitter, smcv)
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