[Ftp-release] ANNOUNCE: telepathy-qt4 0.5.16

Andre Moreira Magalhaes andre.magalhaes at collabora.co.uk
Sun May 1 14:59:28 PDT 2011

The "A brown paper bagful of Easter Eggs" release.

telepathy-qt4 is a Qt 4 C++ binding for the Telepathy real-time 
communication framework, which can be used to implement user interfaces,
loggers and other Telepathy components.



The latest reviewed code is always available from:
http://cgit.freedesktop.org/telepathy/telepathy-qt4/ (cgit)

 * fd.o #36526: Tp::Channel has now gained targetID() and
   targetContact() accessors
 * fd.o #35421: Update to spec 0.22.0:
  - Added auto generated class for Conn.ContactBlocking
  - Added Connection::ErrorDetails accessors for ConnectionError details
    server-message, user-requested, expected-hostname and
 * Add support for Conn.SimplePresence.MaximumStatusMessageLength
 * Add Features operator|(Features, Feature)
 * ContactManager state now only advances to Success when both the
   roster and the roster groups have been downloaded, if requested
 * New class SimpleObserver that can be used to observe arbitrary
   channels on a given Account.
 * fd.o #33525 - Helper class(es) for observing calls
   - New class SimpleCallObserver class which makes it easy to follow
     all StreamedMedia communication on a given Account.

 * fd.o #35633: Contact features being erased after further contact
   upgrades, e.g. from ContactFactory used together with
 * Contact::groups() and ContactManager::groupContacts() not populated
   correctly when using CMs with new-style ContactGroups D-Bus API
 * Timeout in some CMs when introspecting contact list channels
 * Crashes with Connection::FeatureSelfContact enabled (Manifested as an
   assert for inFlightFeatures or pendingFeatures being hit)
 * Crashes if a connection disconnects while FeatureRosterGroups is
   being introspected (SIGSEGV in PendingOperation from
 * Added correctly named pretty headers for the
   Conn.ClientTypes/ContactGroups/ContactList/Saving interfaces
 * Odd build system failures from feature checks which were anyway
   redundant due to our recently bumped Qt 4.6+ dependency - checks now


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