[Ftp-release] Poppler 0.17.1 (0.18 Beta 1) released

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Tue May 3 14:46:50 PDT 2011

Available from

WARNING: This is a unstable release, it is actually 0.18 Beta 1 release, it 
should work like any release from the 0.16 branch, but do not blame us if it 
turns your GNOME3 binaries into KDE2 ones.

Changes against the 0.17.0 release:
 * Rework the way form fields tree is built
 * Cleanup unused parameters/variables

 * Add JavaScript actions
 * demo: Show javascript actions in actions view
 * tests: Turn some assignments to bool into QVERIFY checks

Testing, patches and bug reports welcome.

My TODO list is:
 * Review overprint in Splash by Thomas
 * Review pdf writing by Thomas
 * Review Form-Reset and Print by gamaral (yes from almost a year ago)
 * Bug 36474
 * Bug 36693

If anyone has anything else that thinks it is waiting on me for further 
feedback, tellme, because it's not on my list

Of course if anyone wants to help with the stuff in that TODO help is always 
more than welcome


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