[Ftp-release] [ANNOUNCE] libbsd 0.11.4 released

Guillem Jover guillem at hadrons.org
Sat Jan 22 22:10:57 UTC 2022


This release includes:

  - Further rework of the libmd wrapping code, to simplify it again, and
    make it work even when we do not need SHA-2 functions.
  - Fix builds with LTO.
  - Various build system fixes.
  - Various portability fixes.
  - Various documentation fixes.

Git tag: 0.11.4

  Tarball: <https://libbsd.freedesktop.org/releases/libbsd-0.11.4.tar.xz>
  OpenPGP: <https://libbsd.freedesktop.org/releases/libbsd-0.11.4.tar.xz.asc>
  SHA256: 570abb5c9cdf33a91a3f7748a3771f715079b5ee886221edbdedab45f88d5037  libbsd-0.11.4.tar.xz
  SHA512: 59b903389529ff69e8c4644483cc991ae1e574384ef8ea37b4552766cb72fdc254b1e64edf6d4594c98b520cd9fef8543fe002b2fe04da7a25750809d040b995  libbsd-0.11.4.tar.xz

Changes since 0.11.3:

Alexander Miller (1):
      build: Allow building with -flto on gcc-10 and newer

Guillem Jover (32):
      build: Add a Libs.private field to overlay pkg-config file
      build: Use apt-get instead of apt in the GitLab CI
      build: Add code coverage support in the GitLab CI
      man: Fix pkg-config(1) references in libbsd(7) man page
      man: Call the libbsd-ctor library by its name instead of bsd-ctor
      Require a semicolon for libbsd_link_warning() macro
      Add link-time warnings to MD5 wrapper functions
      Mark local functions as static
      test: Add proper prototypes for main() function
      getentropy: Fix function cast for getauxval()
      nlist: Remove repeated shadowing variable declaration
      build: Add compiler warnings support
      Add missing prototypes to functions
      test: Cast literal strings to (char *) on n_name assignment
      vis: Add prototypes for strnvis() and strnunvis() variants
      build: Detect sed at configure time
      test: Do not pass NULL as the first funopen() argument
      build: Add missing proctitle unit test program
      test: Fix pipe_feed() to allow checking fprintf format strings
      man: Fix .Nx macro usage
      build: Ignore backup files
      build: Append __ after __attribute and __typeof keywords
      nlist: Remove condition which is always true
      getentropy: Add missing prototype for BSD variant
      test: Check that strdup() does not fail
      build: Add new libbsd_symver_weak() macro
      build: Split libmd dependency due to MD5 functions from SHA requirements
      Switch md5 compatibility logic back to direct linking
      build: Clarify link-time warnings
      man: Update tree(3) man page from OpenBSD
      man: Add missing comma in .Dd for tree(3)
      Release libbsd 0.11.4

Victor Westerhuis (2):
      build: Enable .init_array support when building with LTO
      test: Explicitly mark symbols as used

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