[Ftp-release] [ANNOUNCE] libbsd 0.11.5 released

Guillem Jover guillem at hadrons.org
Tue Jan 25 00:56:25 UTC 2022


This release includes:

  - Build system and test suite regression fixes.
  - Documentation on how to build the project.

Git tag: 0.11.5

  Tarball: <https://libbsd.freedesktop.org/releases/libbsd-0.11.5.tar.xz>
  OpenPGP: <https://libbsd.freedesktop.org/releases/libbsd-0.11.5.tar.xz.asc>
  SHA256: 1a9c952525635c1bb6770cb22e969b938d8e6a9d7912362b98ee8370599b0efd  libbsd-0.11.5.tar.xz
  SHA512: c52c19eddd53630aca14f9f6221f7b84aa9cc798b4bb91e867822b161793313aab872ac1c0350d29312a72fee6e2061f3910ff918b724ec171d8c9de5837c841  libbsd-0.11.5.tar.xz

Changes since 0.11.4:

Guillem Jover (4):
      build: Check for objdump explicitly
      Document how to build from git and from a tarball release
      Revert "build: Add missing proctitle unit test program"
      Release libbsd 0.11.5

Sam James (1):
      build: Respect $(OBJDUMP)

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