[Games] Status update

Hans de Goede hdegoede at redhat.com
Sat Nov 29 06:03:28 PST 2008

Dmitry Marakasov wrote:
> * Richard Hartmann (richih.mailinglist at gmail.com) wrote:


>>> So the layout I propos is as follows:
>>> tuxracer/
>>>  freebsd-64bit-support/
>>>    patch-src-main.c
>>>    patch-src-engine-number.c
>>>    patch-src-engine-string.c
>>>  ubuntu-dotdir-fix/
>>>    dotdirfix.patch
>>> xmines/
>>>  gentoo-powerpc-fix/
>>>    ppc.diff
>>>  debian-gcc4x-fix/
>>>    patch-1
>>>    patch-2
>> This poses a very interesting question: Would you want to
>> maintain your specific stuff in this repo? I know that Fedora people
>> can not do this for tool-chain and administrative reasons.
>> Our plan was to only put the merged patches in the repo (along
>> with a oldpatches/debian, etc) and have everyone pull into their
>> own repo from there.
> I.e. being more upstream than repos. Now I understand, that seems
> reasonable.

Yes the idea is to work together to create one golden set of patches, so that 
if a distro comes along who does not yet have a package can take that and be 
all done. If we just have a repo with distro a has these patches and distro b 
has these, then distro x will still have a lot of pain figuring out which 
patches to use.

And when we do this (a golden set of patches) it makes sence to no longer 
maintain a patch set, but instead maintain a VCS, in which we do an initial 
check in of the last upstream release and then commit the golden patches one at 
a time on top of that.

Then we could even consider releasing a tarbal from time to time, and doing a 
small boilerplate per game webpage, which contains a link to a general page and 
a link to the latest tarbal.

The general page would describing out cross distro collaboration project and 
that we make new "upstream" releases containing our fixes for those who want 
want them.

Then software cataloging sites like freshmeat have a place to point users to 
whose distro does not have game X, so that DYI installs (and distro's creating 
new game packages not aware of our project) will find our new "upstream" 
release and use that instead of having to reinvent the wheel.




Apologies and welcome to out BSD friends. Whenever I write distro, please read 

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