status update (hostip-backend with libconic & civic location)

Jussi Kukkonen jhkukkon at
Wed Jul 25 05:10:10 PDT 2007

First, now redirects to the wiki page. We should
probably start using that as a canonical address for geoclue.

Status update:

1. position-hostip with libconic
  I've finished a libconic-using version of hostip-backend. Libconic is
the internet connectivity library for Maemo and using it means there's
no latency in current_position-calls (queries are made when the device
gets connected to the net). libconic is not used outside of maemo at the
moment, but I do think that something like it will be included in all
mobile linux platforms, so IMO having this in the fd.o repository makes
sense (it's an automatic compile-time option, just like the
  I'll upload this if there's no objections on the principle
(implementation comments are of course welcome afterwards too).

2. civic location
  I'm working on civic location support at the moment. Some API and
implementation notes:
Please comment on what kind of signals should be offered and on the the


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