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Tue Jul 24 07:13:46 PDT 2007

is free to use and has incredible coverage (they are a for-profit
company with lots of funding that makes their money other ways than
selling access).

> > And no doubt more. So we could go and ping any number of these, or a
> > better is to build a couple of example backends and then let them come
> > to us. ;)
> Although I agree, providing a GPS (GPS), a wifi (hostip), a manual
> option (UI), and a method of using the mobile phone would seem to cover
> all immediate areas, and give a nice range of options for the majority
> of users.

HostIP isn't for Wifi - it is strictly IP-Geolocation.

> I especially see integrating Geoclue (Maemo version) with Maemo Mapper
> would be useful for those without GPS units, especially with Mobile
> Phone support to provide more functionality than currently available
> within Maemo Mapper.  Without mobile phone support, the end user might
> as well use the functions with Maemo Mapper already.
> > Regarding sharing the cell info over bluetooth - the only way this
> > would work from our capabilities (unable to access the underlying
> > info) is to build a small python app to poll the connected tower info
> > and put that over bluetooth.
> Indeed, which is why using something like Navizon who have already done
> that hard work (client on the mobile phone) may be easier...

So you're suggesting the Navizon client put out location on Bluetooth?
Would be interesting to ping them about that.

> Stephen
> (a non programmer, who has a strong interest in location based services)

Andrew Turner
ajturner at      42.2774N x 83.7611W              Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

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