[Glamor] Wayland / Glamor DDX?

davyaxel at free.fr davyaxel at free.fr
Sun Sep 29 10:55:30 PDT 2013

Well, I answer myself:

>. For every XWayland DDX, we need a way to import pixmaps as wl_buffers.
>The way to do that is getting a handle or dma-buf fd from the pixmap.
>Since glamor stores some pixmaps as textures/EGLImages, glamor should add a function
>to get a handle from a pixmap when it is a pixmap handled entirely by glamor (ie is an EGLImage).
>The way to get a handle from an EGLImage is using gbm_bo_import and gbm_bo_get_handle.

The function to convert a texture into an EGLImage is only supported on intel currently (will crash on other cards).

>. For a specific XWayland DDX, we do not need to store pixmaps to something else than EGLimages, so it would be cool
>to have a function to create textured pixmaps (similar to glamor_create_pixmap, but creating only pixmaps as gl textures).

I've just finished writing a XWayland glamor DDX, which behave like the radeon DDX, but uses gbm to create bo. 
No changes are required to Glamor.

Axel Davy

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