[gst-announce] Notice for 0.1.0 release

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at chello.be
Thu Jan 11 14:38:27 PST 2001

Dear "Slipstreamers",

In our enthousiasm, we forgot to perform a vital part of GStreamer
"Slipstream" after the
installation (RPM and tarballs). The plugin system is by default
uncached so that *all*
plugins are loaded into memory when you initialize the library :-(

just run (as root, unless configured otherwise):


This little progeram will load all plugins with their descriptions and
write out an XML file
in /etc/gstreamer/reg.xml (or in another path if specified at
./configure time). The library
will start up much faster after this and will consume less memory.

You might also want to do this if you experience random crashes. We are
aware of symbol
collisions in the plugin libraries that can trigger random behaviour.

no, We're not wearing our brown paper bags yet...


Success is something I will dress for when I get there, and not until.

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