[gst-announce] Contest!

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Fri Jan 12 19:42:16 PST 2001

This sorta started as a joke, but it's a good idea anyway, so I'll do it.

As soon as I can get all the ISO images downloaded and the machine
installed (a long process), I'm going to try to build GStreamer on it.
This isn't so unusual normally, except it's a DEC Multia, aka the UDB, aka
the NoName.  Specs:

Alpha 166 processor
32MB FPM parity RAM
old ~1.5BG laptop hard drive, ~4-5yo
Installed with non-server RedHat 6.2

Various sites claim the machine is about equivalent to a 66 or maybe 75MHz
Pentium, but keep in mind that it's also 64bit, so pointers are twice as
big.  This means the effective memory is less.  Vague memories tell me
that a late 2.3 kernel with minimal modules (though w/SCSI) took about   
2hrs to compile.

This compile will likely take place Sunday, because of the time remaining
on the ISO downloads, the install time, and the fact that I have to
re-install Win98 and RH7.0 on my parent's machine Saturday.  That means  
that the build will start around 10am PST, or 1800 GMT on Jan 14.  Since  
no one can see the progress, I'll accept bids up until the time it ends,
which could be anywhere between 5min (failed build) and a couple days ;-(

Wim, his gf, jdq, and I have bet so far.  If you wish to place a bet,
please send me email directly (omega at temple-baptist.com).

Oh yeah, the prize: probably will be a t-shirt from ThinkGeek, likely
http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/things/342f.html.  Exact t-shirt, color,   
and size (as available) can be chosen by winner, though you may get
heckled into getting one or another if you sit in IRC too long <g>

I'm checking with ThinkGeek to see if they do world-wide shipping.  If
they don't, I'll ship it myself.

Good luck!,

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