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------- Comment #2 from Scott Templer  2007-05-06 07:12 UTC -------
Well apon reading Rythmbox's faq on taging gstreamer uses id3v2mux and that
uses taglib. Well I have herd Amarok has the same problem all I have to do is
just change 1 thing (eg album name) and it wipes out all the id3tag
this is the out put of one such edited file in Rhythmbox. I talked to SanDisk
they said that the player I use reads ID3v2.4 but taglib i think is the

FOUND TAG      : found by element "id3demux0".
           title: Maiden
          artist: :Wumpscut:
           album: Evoke
    track number: 1
         encoder: LAME v3.96.1
FOUND TAG      : found by element "mad0".
           layer: 3
            mode: joint
        emphasis: none
     audio codec: MPEG-1 layer 3
         bitrate: 128000

id3v2 -l /home/satempler/Music/_Wumpscut_/Evoke/01\ -\ Maiden.mp3 
id3v1 tag info for /home/satempler/Music/_Wumpscut_/Evoke/01 - Maiden.mp3:
Title  : Maiden                          Artist: :Wumpscut:                    
Album  : Evoke                           Year:     , Genre: Unknown (255)
Comment:                                 Track: 1

Now all I did was edit the tag, I didn't even have to rip it. I have the latest
taglib 1.4

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