[Bug 643775] [oggmux] use running time instead of timestamps

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--- Comment #3 from Mark Nauwelaerts <mnauw at users.sourceforge.net> 2011-03-03 12:19:02 UTC ---
Also/btw/fwiw, it is not clear whether vorbis/theora granulepos/running time
handling is The Way To Go.  IIRC, they may be the only encoders playing around
with running time (and even other granulepos aware do not do so, e.g.
In particular, it leads to a "non-matching" buffer ts versus granulepos
(whatever matching is to mean in this case).  As such, base audio encoder
approach currently does not consider running_time (see bug #642690).

Possibly, the only "right" way here is (as said above) to have all muxers deal
with running_time and have oggmux in particular handle the granulepos magic,
problem is how to handle the mess^W situation till then.

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