[Bug 644150] [basevideoencoder] Store the GstForceKeyUnit event for forwarding it later

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Mon Mar 7 12:37:48 PST 2011

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Olivier Crete (Tester) <olivier.crete> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Olivier Crete (Tester) <olivier.crete at ocrete.ca> 2011-03-07 20:37:45 UTC ---
quick comments:


Unreffing the event should be done in dispose, not finalize (it could have a
ref to another GObject)

Set "base_video_encoder->force_key_unit_event" to NULL after sending it (just
to be safe. You probably want to clear it on flushes and the like.

In the src_event function, you keep a pointer to the event, but not a ref... 

Also, when sending it out, you may want to set the timestamp, running-time,
stream-time (if you have them),

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