[Bug 658495] Create config of expected failures for samplemedia.linaro.org files

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Mon Sep 12 14:00:29 PDT 2011

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David Laban <alsuren> changed:

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                 CC|                            |alsuren at gmail.com,
                   |                            |senko at senko.net

--- Comment #1 from David Laban <alsuren at gmail.com> 2011-09-12 21:00:24 UTC ---
should be pretty much ready for review.

There are a lot of other things that went into this branch, but I've tried to
keep it as short and self-contained as possible. Shaved yaks include:

  * cherry-picked my Subtest-naming support patches
    (which are also required for linaro integration)
  * Create a concept of "expected skipped test"
   * Slightly modified "expected-failures" arg format
  * Documented all known failures and skips.
   * I tried my best to remove false positives here (if you want the patch
     that added false-positive checking, I can show you, but it's nowhere near
     production quality)
  * Hide the "expected-failures" arg, so that it doesn't waste space in the
   * I might re-work this last commit to be a bit more general (this was hacked
     up at 9:30 at night) but I think that the approach is sound.

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