[Bug 658495] Create config of expected failures for samplemedia.linaro.org files

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Thu Sep 15 06:10:21 PDT 2011

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--- Comment #2 from Senko Rasic <senko at senko.net> 2011-09-15 13:10:19 UTC ---
++ as of 21890029ccf8e1e51cea494151d1c77c652a2c07

Rework of the settings dict makes sense.

A couple of minor nitpicks:

* hardcoding of the sample media root is unfortunate; can it
  be derived somehow from the location of the Django app? or
  at least define SAMPLEMEDIA_ROOT like in comment #1

* use if '0' and 'None' in settings is kind of ugly,
  would be nicer if 0 and None could be used (cast them
  to str() in check?)

in insanity/scenario.py:
* in docstring "would nit be" -> "would not be"

* although you did leave a comment there, having
  sub.getFullArgumentList() vs sub._getFullArgumentList()
  is somewhat confusing, maybe rename it to something
  reflecting the difference? or just make it a small helper
  function inside getArguments, if it's the only one
  that's going to use it?

in insanity/test.py:

  if checkitem not in results:
  elif ..:

since the first if is a guard and the rest is only executed if it passes, I
think this is more readable:

  if checkitem not in results:
  if ..

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