[Bug 654673] non-UTF-8 filename causes warning in URI query

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Tue Sep 13 14:01:33 PDT 2011

  GStreamer | gstreamer (core) | 0.10.35

Tim-Philipp Müller <t.i.m> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
             Status|NEEDINFO                    |RESOLVED
         Resolution|                            |INVALID
   Target Milestone|HEAD                        |NONE

--- Comment #20 from Tim-Philipp Müller <t.i.m at zen.co.uk> 2011-09-13 21:01:29 UTC ---
> No. Use g_filename_to_url() function can solve the problem.

Ok, thanks, will close as invalid then.

Also added some more tests, but didn't find any problems. It is possible that
there's still a bug in some source element of course, but we don't know which
and it doesn't look like it's filesrc.

 commit 1051eddd4ca117fd8bc4bf013503fb6fb3075fd4
 Author: Tim-Philipp Müller <tim.muller at collabora.co.uk>
 Date:   Tue Sep 13 21:58:21 2011 +0100

    tests: make sure filesrc returns escaped URIs even if the input was


commit 14a79628a732d040402c09990e43ea80c14a681c
Author: Tim-Philipp Müller <tim.muller at collabora.co.uk>
Date:   Mon Sep 12 15:10:37 2011 +0100

    playbin2: try to catch malformed URIs

    Only log in debug log for now, since the check is a bit
    half-hearted, its purpose is mostly to make sure people
    use gst_filename_to_uri() or g_filename_to_uri().


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