[Bug 659009] New: [matroskademux] property for configuring gap handling

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           Summary: [matroskademux] property for configuring gap handling
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Property for configuring max gap time

The attached proposed patch adds a property "max-gap-time" to the Matroska
demuxer. The property is used for configuring how long a gap between timestamps
can be, before the demuxer skips the gap by sending out newsegment events.
Default is 2 seconds, like without the patch. GST_CLOCK_TIME_NONE can be used
for not skipping gaps at all.

Having the max gap time configurable is useful, because in some use cases you'd
want to present gaps in recorded media, also for gaps longer than 2 seconds. In
our case we record to SD cards, and sometimes the recording process gets stuck
for a few seconds. Then, we want this to show when we play the media.

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