[gst-devel] pad factories

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at chello.be
Mon Dec 11 21:40:33 CET 2000

When a new elementfactory is created in plugin_init, we
want to expose a list of possible pads this element will
create/contain to the plugin system. The pads will be exposed
using a GstPadFactory structure. This structure will contain
the following information:

  - a pad name template
  - a GstCaps *
  - the direction of the pad
  - when the pad will be created (ALWAYS, SOMETIMES, ...)
  - ...

the structure will be like:

  typedef _GstPadFactory {
     gchar           *template;
     GstCaps         *caps;
     GstPadDirection *direction;
     GstPadPresence  *presence;


  GstCaps *srcaps;

  GstPadFactory videopadfactory = {


    gst_elementfactory_add_pad (&videopadfactory);

  the pad description will be added to the elementfactory.

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