[gst-devel] CDParanoia source now in CVS

Erik Walthinsen omega at cse.ogi.edu
Tue Dec 12 07:56:46 CET 2000

I just spent the last couple hours writing up a CDParanoia source.  Since
cdparanoia is built correctly, i.e. with a library at the bottom and a
thin program at the top as interface, I can use that library to do the
same stuff in a plugin.  550 lines (probably end up about 700 with all,
I mean *all* the features) later, I have the ability to play CD audio as
it is ripped, with a short 40-line test program.  I could just as easily
encode it instead, if we had an mp3 encoder plugin.

This just goes to show how cool this architecture is.  I could almost get
a working player in the editor, but for some reason the thread wouldn't
start up.  If it had, it would have started to play the CD.  I know this,
because the CD spun up when I changed states to READY.

I just re-enabled full paranoid mode by commenting out the gtk_object_set
that turned it off.  It started to break up while playing, because my
drive is not the fastest at ripping (3:35 track ripped in 2:55).  However,
because of the aforementioned timings, I know it's capable of it.
Probably just a race somewhere.  I added a quick set() to increase the
size of the queue to 750 (10sec), and it plays *flawlessly*.

Wow.  <drool>

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