[gst-devel] Configuration

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at tvd.be
Tue Feb 1 08:48:05 CET 2000

Richard Boulton wrote:
> i)  in several of the plugins dealing with mpeg decoding (in fact, they all
>     look like the same piece of code, cut and pasted) there is a
>     #undef HAVE_LIBMMX.  Just wondering if these are still wanted, now that
>     libmmx support can be configured out by ./configure --disable-libmmx
We need to clean this up. I would prefer one binary with MMX support
activated when the processor is capable. This is always good from the
distributers perspective. 

I checked in a mmx.h, removing the dependency for libmmx. I think we
should rename HAVE_LIBMMX to something like USE_MMX or so.

Maybe we should set a global flag (or have a method) to query the
MMX capabilities of the CPU. All codecs could then set the pointers
to their different functions as needed.

We could have something like:

#ifdef USE_MMX
.. somefunction_MMX(...) {

#ifdef INTEL_i386
.. somefunction_i386(...) {

.. somefunction_C() {

init() {
  if (get_cpu_capabilities() & CPU_MMX)
     somefunction = somefunction_MMX;
     somefunction = somefunction_C;

We could even have the different implementations in their own file. What do
you think?


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