[gst-devel] Configuration

Richard Boulton richard at tartarus.org
Tue Feb 1 05:15:05 CET 2000

I've spent a bit of time fiddling with the configure script, fixing several
problems, commenting and tidying it up, and making it possible to specify
whether or not to compile in support for various of the libraries.  (Helps
with testing, and with getting it to work on my old broken systems.)

Come across a few things I thought I'd ask:

i)  in several of the plugins dealing with mpeg decoding (in fact, they all
    look like the same piece of code, cut and pasted) there is a
    #undef HAVE_LIBMMX.  Just wondering if these are still wanted, now that
    libmmx support can be configured out by ./configure --disable-libmmx

(the files in question are:

ii) in gst/gstobject.c it tests "#ifdef HAVE_ATOMIC_T" in a couple of places.
    I think this should be HAVE_ATOMIC_H, but I'd just like to check this
    isn't meant to be testing for something different.  I've changed it
    to HAVE_ATOMIC_H now, anyway.

    I've also put in an extra test to check for atomic_set: my home
    system has atomic_add, atomic_sub, atomic_inc, atomic_dec,
    atomic_dec_and_test, but no atomic_set or atomic_read (it's an oldish
    debian install, a 2.0 series kernel).

Still havn't managed a full compile yet, but have at least done everything in
gst/ ...


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