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Wim Taymans wim.taymans at tvd.be
Mon Feb 7 08:45:55 CET 2000

Scott McCaskill wrote:
> Hello,
> I just noticed the gstreamer project last week while looking around
> sourceforge, and it sounds a lot like something I had been working on by
> myself off and on for some time.  Admittedly, my goals weren't as
> lofty--basically I just wanted to be able to automatically record
> streaming audio to a compressed format in real time at predefined times,
> like a VCR--but the architecture I had come up with sounds a lot like the
> architecture for gstreamer.  Since I'll probably get more done working
> with others than working by myself, I figured I'd see what I can do on
> this project.

Nice ! In fact VCR is on my list too somewhere.

> Some brief background about myself:  I currently work for a game company,
> and have for several years (prior to that I worked for a company that made
> things like flight simulators).  Most of my experience is with real time
> 3d graphics, but I have done some work with audio here and there as well.
> I've used and written code for IRIX, linux, and windows, and several game
> console platforms, roughly in that order.  Here at home I have win98, NT,
> and linux (RH 6.0).
> I _think_ I have downloaded and installed everything I should need, but

Do you have the CVS version or the 0.0.9 tar.gz? 

> I'm having a few problems building gstreamer.  Since there is no
> 'configure' script checked into the tree, I tried running autogen.sh (a
> total guess on my part).  First it told me I needed libtool 1.2 or newer,
> so I got 1.3.  I then ran autogen.sh again and it bombed out around here:
> `
> autoconf: Undefined macros:
> configure.in:38:AC_LIBTOOL_DLOPEN
> Recursively running autogen.sh in plugins/mp3decode/xing/libxing/
> You should add the contents of `/usr/local/share/aclocal/libtool.m4' to
> `aclocal.m4'.
> aclocal: configure.in: 33: macro `AM_PROG_LIBTOOL' not found in library
> loading cache ./config.cache
> ./configure: syntax error near unexpected token
> `AM_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h)'
> ./configure: ./configure: line 537: `AM_CONFIG_HEADER(config.h)'
> Any ideas?  I looked at the file it said I needed to modify, but its
> contents are already a superset of the file it says I need to add from
> (well, assuming I was looking at the right file.. it didn't say where
> aclocal.m4 was, so I assumed somewhere under /usr/local/share).

I'm using:

 autoconf 2.13
 automake 1.4
 libtool 1.2f

Could you try again with at least these versions? (I think your autoconf is
not up to date)

> I have never done more with the autoconf stuff than './configure ; make ;
> make install' so if there's anything obvious I'm doing wrong I'd be
> grateful for any pointers.
> Thanks!

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