[gst-devel] Module/App Wishlist...

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at chello.be
Wed Jul 12 01:12:18 CEST 2000

"Myers W. Carpenter" wrote:
>         I've been thinking of a list of modules I'd like to see in gstreamer.
> I realize that y'all have probably thought of most of these yourselves,
> but I thought perhaps we might want to come up with a TODO list
> Sources/Sinks:
>         sdl-video and others:  the livid project has a whole bunch of video
> output plugins that take advantage of diffrent video cards abilities to

We have general X11 and Xv overlays. I think we need an OpenGL sink soon.
after that a aalib and fbdev would be nice. SDL would solve most of this.

>         rtp:  This one is the most intresting to me, and will let you do
> multicasting with gstreamer.   With this we could rewrite
> http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~htran/projects/mim/ as an all in one app...
> (then I all I'd have to do is talk my ISP into enabling multicast :().
> MIM has (I think) all the code for this (GPL, maybe I can get them to
> let the code go as LGPL).  If not there is a librtp under the gpl some
> where.

Yes, I really would like to connect to an icecast server. After that, sending
mpeg with RTP would be cool.

> Encoders:
>         FAME - Fast Assembly Mpeg Encoder:  This is a pretty new project.  So
> far the guy has I-frame only encoding mostly in asm.  He mentions in the
> docs that he wants to do other capture interfaces than what he has now
> (v4l).
> http://www-eleves.enst-bretagne.fr/~chappeli/fame/
I already take a look at it. It still is very early. I will be surprised if
the guy can really create a real time MPEG encoder. MPEG encoding is by 
definition slow especially the motion detection requires specialised hardware
to get any decent speed, or he would have to use some clever algorithm.

> Decoders:
>         Hardware mpeg1/2 decoding:  There are a few projects out there writing
> device drivers for diffrent decoder boards.
> http://hem.fyristorg.com/henrikj/em8300/ - DXR3 / Hollywood Plus cards.

Very nice, send me such a beast and I'm on to it!!

> Other codecs:
>         Windoze "Only" codecs:  Well someone had the same idea I had about
> reusing
> .DLL's under linux and actually kicked out some code
> http://divx.euro.ru/.  If would be neat to see if this same trick can be
> done for quicktime

I never got the DIVX hack for xmps to work. I downloaded three mpeg4 
decoders/encoders source code. But I haven't spend time on it yet and the
code looks quite scary. When I finish my current tasks, I'll probably try the 
xmps trick with the windows dll.

>         Vorbis:  http://www.xiph.org/ogg/vorbis/ A patent free audio codec
> that's as good or better than mpeg1 layer3.  Code under the LGPL.

That should be easy.

Any chance you want to give any of these a try?


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