[gst-devel] AVI parser

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at tvd.be
Sun Mar 19 17:22:17 CET 2000

On a quite cloudy sunday afternoon,

I have two choices:

- The avi parser itself finds out what codec to use, adds this to the
  pad and send of a new_pad event. The new pad will always be an uncompress
  audio/video stream.

- The avi parser sends out a new_pad event and let the application find out
  what codec to connect to it. The avi parser will create a compressed

What would be the best choice? I prefer 2, but is there a way to find out
the type of the pad. There is a get_type_id but what is it supposed to do?

The mpeg parser currently uses option 2, but that is easy because we always
know we have to connect the mpg123 parser to the audio pad... Also it encodes
the type of pad in the name (audio_x, video_x, ..) which is not too good either.

I have the library thing working quite nicely. All the basic codec stuff of
the avi parser should go in the libraries so that they can be reused for a
quicktime parser. The avi specific stuff for the codecs will go into the avi
directory. These avi codecs use the libraries to get the (de)compression done.

When I get this proof of concept working, we might think about moving the 4
different implementations of getbits into a library. We still need one
indirect call though, but we do not need MMX checking and dispatching to the
right getbits implementation because we can load the specific library right


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