[gst-devel] Jobs posting on SourceForge

Erik Walthinsen omega at cse.ogi.edu
Sun Nov 26 06:11:22 CET 2000

SourceForge has a section where projects can post "job openings" for
developers to fill.  I think we should try to get a few out there, and
maybe even contact some specific developers to see if they're interested.
Once the core is more stable, there will be a large number of tasks that
are basicaly idependent of each other.  Off the top of my head:

any number of plugins
specialized versions of core elements

There's also documentation and website design to do.  We need to come up
with a list of potential jobs and their descriptions, which I can post.

We should also look for specific developers who might be interested in
working on the project, or almost more importantly converting their
project to use GStreamer.  Not sure how to proceed here, though.


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