[gst-devel] feature request...

Anthony Arcieri bascule at holly.ColoState.EDU
Tue Oct 3 23:12:41 CEST 2000

> I wanted to create a new sourceforge project to create a few apps that
> use the GStreamer framework. My primary goal was to have something like
> FlaskMPEG for Linux/UNIX. I currently have trouble accessing a site with
> SSL (kernel/glibc problem?) so this will have to wait.
> A FlaskMPEG like encoder would be quite straightforward with the current
> framework. We could even throw in an MPEG->avi (DivX :-) recoder with
> no extra effort. The main "problem" is the GUI, so no real problem
> really.

As nice as FlasK is at what it does, it really has one purpose:
transcoding from DVDs.

The one thing I don't have under *IX that I would very much like is a
general purpose transcoding utility.  The one I'd suggest you emulate is
VirtualDub.  Gstreamer seems to have the framework in place to handle it.

If you want to know specificly what I prefer in VirtualDub over FlasK I'd
be happy to tell you.  It goes well beyond what formats are supported.

Tony Arcieri

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