[gst-devel] List of current issues

Erik Walthinsen omega at ridgerun.com
Thu Feb 1 20:31:59 CET 2001

Here's a list of issues compiled by Brent at RidgeRun.  These will need to
be dealt with in one form or another in the next month.  I'll go over this
and add in my comments in another email, and anyone else who has specific
comments about any of these should send mail to the list as well...

 * GstMediaPlay problems

 - gstmediaplayer

    - player

       - not very attractive "skin" -- note: gnome apps significantly
	affected by both "theme" and window manager configuration
       - file open dialog isn't robust
       - replay of mpeg has messed up audio (possibly wrong sample rate)
       - stop doesn't reset slider or progress value
       - "Extended" Menu-toggle displays check-mark inappropriately (may
	be a Glade/Gtk issue)
       - status area isn't repainted properly if stopped or paused
       - many menu options are stubbed
       - requires Glade libraries.
       - can't load a new movie after one has been created
       - should have some effects options to demonstrate gstreamer
       - video window is visible even if media is audio only
       - extended media info not filled in
       - sending debug messages to console

    - framework

       - manual seek during pause doesn't display video
       - EOF displays critical error msg to console
       - pause/resume hitches a little bit
       - seek function based on file-pos percentage rather than
       - memory leak associated with each new pipeline created

    - plugins

       - garbage at bottom of video if stretched vertically (starwars.mpg)
       - no way to preserve video aspect ratio
       - scaling video to large window significantly increases system
	performance utilization

    - unclassified

       - hitting stop while playing causes GPF -- stop while paused OK --
	closing app has similar issues
       - GUI reflection of state changes (e.g. pause/play) is kind of
       - how should it handle audio-device-in-use situation -- currently
	not good
       - sometimes, not freeing sound device after stop -- can't restart
	for a while
       - crashed on long mp3 by moving the slider around with the arrow
	keys for a little while
       - pausing playback doesn't release /dev/dsp
       - some audio artifacts when resuming playback after manual seek

    - other todos:

       - create test suite of supported media types
       - evaluate quality of utilized plugin elements

    - things that work well

       - audio/video synchronization -- never got out of sync
       - never saw video artifacts when doing manual seek -- except for
	slight delay in restarting
       - good audio/video playback quality

 - gsteditor

    - Most menu features are stubbed -- including File->Open.
    - Some pad<->pad links are missing when loading complex xml files.

 - example apps

    - Save to xml causes video pipeline to break (even without
	reload) (myautoplug).

 - documentation

 - installation/setup


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