[gst-devel] CORBA/bonobo ramblings

Matt Howell matth at ridgerun.com
Fri Feb 2 23:29:51 CET 2001

> CORBA and bonobo ramblings
> ==========================
> This is about something I know nothing about, so I want
> your views on the subject :)
> statements in this doc might contain plain nonsense and
> utter ignorance about the subject, so feel free to correct
> no matter how many brown paper bags I need to put over my
> head.

no need for bags.  :-)  i have some comments about CORBA and
interface programming, in general.  my understanding of BONOBO
is minimal... i think it's just wrapping GUI widgets and data in
interfaces to more generically/dynamically merge them together
(more similar to OLE than to RPC).

> -----
> The object request broker. It basically allows you to declare
> objects using a language called IDL. It has the nice benefit
> of allowing objects to live in other contexts, languages and
> even on other machines over the network.
> Wrapping the GStreamer objects in CORBA objects doesn't look
> like a problem. It will immediatly allow us to create objects
> accros the network and use the framework in a distributed
> environment.

the problem is GStreamer's design is currently single-process
(multi-threaded) while CORBA implies cross process (and
machine) boundaries.  we'll have to re-think buffer's, state,
and signalling.  scheduling will also be affected - probably need
to create a scheduling entity (manager object, explicit scheduling

> You will end up with a lot of corba objects using this method.
> Is this the way to do it? do we only need to CORBA-ify some
> of the core objects instead?

i would recommend only "corbify" thread boundaries (GstThread's).
further, i'd only do that if you have no other option (if you absolutely
need to cross a process/machine boundary) because it's slower and
more complicated.  anyway,  to do that, we'll need to address
scheduling, buffers, state management / signalling.
(QoS / synchronization is a nightmare, btw.)

> I see a CORBA wrapper as something that exposes the API of
> GStreamer. If I want to do distributed media processing I would
> build up an app with corba calls. The point is that you use
> the lowlevel CORBA API to create a distributed media app.
> Bonobo
> ------
> A component model build with CORBA. Bonobo has provisions for
> creating embedable objects. As I understand it, this means that
> it has something visible to embed. I know you can also use
> Bonobo without the GUI parts but why would we prefer Bonobo
> over CORBA to handle that?
> Bonobo has a framework to create toolbars, menus and other
> neat stuff. It also has a serialisation mechanism that allows
> you to, for example, merge a pipeline with a document in one
> single stream.
> I see bonobo as a high level service provider, you create a
> mediaplayer component that can be embeded into a document and
> stuff like that.  The point here is that you use bonobo to
> create services out of user apps build with GStreamer.
> I'm sure you'll have comments,
> Wim
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