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Wim Taymans wim.taymans at chello.be
Sat Feb 3 17:51:11 CET 2001

On 03 Feb 2001 18:18:34 +0100, Ruben wrote:
>       Hello, I'm the author of GANSO (GNOME Animation StudiO), and I want
> to ask if you think that it would be possible to use gstreamer on it because
> we are doing several things twice. I've also a plugin system for input and
> output codecs, for filters, and other things. And I've also something like a
> pipeline. In fact it's a tree where you can have this kind of nodes:

I'm glad you are looking at GStreamer. Video editing is one of my goals
with GStreamer. I'm
currently downloading and inspecting your code, so more feedback will
follow soon...

>       * file: either an image (png, ppm, etc) or a video (currently only
> mpeg-1). They are leafs of the tree.

We also have those elements as leaf nodes (GstElement). We actually are
a bit more modular,
you'll have an element for reading from disk or network an a separate
element for decoding
the media.

>       * sequential composition: can have sub-nodes that will be played
> sequentially, with the posibility of padding before each node.
>       * concurrent composition: it's like the layer-system of The GIMP,
> but applied to videos. Of course, as in GIMP, it's usefull if you have top
> layers with alpha.

I'll have to look at the code to understand what you mean with the

>       GANSO also have a per-pixel 8 bit alpha channel support, in fact,
> the sample filter acts over this channel to decrease or increase it, making
> a fade effect. And the alpha channel of PNG files is of course supported.
> And also saves the tree to XML files, as gstreamer does.

The GStreamer core is media type independant and agnostic, we have a
property system to 
describe the media types. The meaning of the media data is entirely
handled by the plugins so
in theary you can use whatever media type you like.

>       I think that if I use gstreamer, I could delete a lot of code from
> ganso that is already in these library, and use its codecs, its effects,
> etc. And more important, GANSO currently doesn't have support for sound,
> while gstreamer seems to have, so I could speed up a lot the development.

Very nice...

>       Well, you know the state of gstreamer better than me, so what do
> you think? Should I change my code and use gstreamer, or it's better to
> wait a bit until it gets more 'stable'? Will I have all the posibilities
> that I have now with my tree system?

You should use GStreamer, no doubt about that. While our goals are
exactly the same as yours
we should be able to integrate GStreamer. You have to take into account
though that this
will be a first real-life use of GStreamer in an app like GANSO, so you
might have problems or
requirements that we need to add to the core.

A quick look at the site tells me that the tree you use is mostly for
describing the video sequences
and the how they will be merged together. the GStreamer architecture
uses tree to do the
actual rendering of those sequences, there is a slight difference. I
think the tree you use can still
be used to serve as input for a source element in GStreamer. 

Ok, I'll check out the code and give some more feedback soon...



>       If you want to test GANSO, you have the sources here:
>       ftp://ftp.gpul.org/gpul/ganso-0.2.0.tar.bz2
>       And a ready to install debian package here:
>       ftp://ftp.gpul.org/gpul/ganso_0.2.0-1_i386.deb
>       The homepage is in http://www.gpul.org/proyectos/ganso, but it's
> outdated, I'm waiting the administrator to update to the new version with
> links to the 0.2.0 version.
> Best regards
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