[gst-devel] A couple of questions

Ruben ryu at gpul.org
Mon Feb 5 00:48:25 CET 2001

	I've two questions in mind after reading almost all the
documentation about gstreamer:

	* Imagine that I've the following pipeline:

  ,--------------.  ,------------------.  ,-------------------.
  | Disk source [|--|] MPEG-1 decoder [|--|] Raw video player |
  `--------------'  `------------------'  `-------------------'

	I want only frames between 25 and 45 to be shown in the screen, and
I want that the frame 25 starts playing inmediatelly, i.e. when the user
presses the play button.

	With SMPEG the solution is easy, you make a seek, that takes some
time, obviously, but it's insignificant. With gsmpeg, if I understood the
system, you should insert a "waiter" filter between the decoder and the
player that only send frames to the player after the frame 25, but it's a
problem, because the user may wait until the 25 first frames are decoded.

	Of course there is another solution, to put the "waiter" between the
disk source and the MPEG-1 decoder, so, it can ignore data until the frame
25 appears, but then it should be done one "waiter" for each video data

	* ¿Where is the explanation about buffer internal format for your
builtin video/raw MIME type? I think that all the generic video processing
filters should work over these data format, but I couldn't find in the
documentation any information about it :(

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