[gst-devel] Media types database

Myers Carpenter myers at fluidreality.com
Thu Feb 8 01:14:55 CET 2001

I'm not a c programmer.  I am a web programmer (php, etc.).  So I've been 
trying to think of ways to add to this project.

I've been kicking around the idea of doing a media type database, with the 
idea of listing codecs (mpeg1, sorenson), transport protocals (rtp, rtsp), 
and file formats (ogg, quicktime), along with links to implementations and 
specs, as well as user comments.

The second part to this project would be to having a database of 
implentations of all these.

My overall goal is to get all more people thinking about converging their 
code into fewer, richer projects (or at least make the lower levels of 
thier code more accessable to outside projects).  It's annoying me to no 
end as I poke my nose in all these mailing list and see that basicly 
they're are coming up with the gstreamer concept over and over.  (eg. The 
OpenH323 project just today started kicking around the idea of binary 
modules to get around licensing woes.  Libmedia acutally mentions gstreamer 
as something it's trying to emulate.  Ok, why not just work with us?).

Here is where I could use some input:
  - a better name for the project?  "Media Type DB" doesn't really work, 
but it's the best I've come up with so far.
  - comments on this database structure:

id, name, type (ie codec, transport, filetype), description, patented (is 
it covered under a patent or not)

id, url, title, description, media_type_id

(slashdot type comment table)

I realize this could get much more complicated, but I'm trying to keep it 

My plans are to host it on gnumedia.org (one of my domain names) along with 
a news site.



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