[gst-devel] compile problem gstpad.c 804 structure has no member named childs

Richard Boulton richard at tartarus.org
Thu Feb 15 23:42:59 CET 2001

On Thu, Feb 15, 2001 at 01:25:24PM -0800, Erik Walthinsen wrote:
> Hmmm.  Is this depracated but still usable?  If so, how on earth did they
> pull that off?  Do we want to add a check to configure.in to make sure we
> don't get the wrong or otherwise incompatible version...?

In libxml1 it's childs, in libxml2 its children.  For compatability, the
macro xmlChildrenNode is defined, in recent versions of libxml1, as childs,
and defined in all versions of libxml2 as children.  For compatability with
older versions of libxml1, we define xmlChildrenNode to be childs if it
isn't already defined (see, for example gstxml.h line 30.

We don't need a configure test as long as we get the macro defined.  A
binary built and dynamically linked against libxml[12] needs to have a
dependency against the appropriate libxml version though, since they won't
be binary compatible (unless I'm missing something ...)

I have a patch on my work machine (not accessible right now sadly) which I
will commit tomorrow which fixes one missed check for xmlChildrenNode being
defined, but it should work pretty much okay without that.


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