[gst-devel] 0.1.1 changes V2

Wim Taymans wim.taymans at chello.be
Mon Feb 19 23:06:38 CET 2001

sorted by category:


  - state change modifications
  - _request pad implemented for muxer/mixer/aggregator
    elements. also _request_compatible additions.
  - massive ghostpad changes
  - EOS handling (not for gstmediaplay)
  - icecast send plugin using libshout
  - lots of GstObject changes (XML save, name, parent
    properties fixes)
  - preliminary XML namespaces.
  - added support for custom app tags in the XML save/load
    routines (preliminary support)
  - cothreads updates for ALPHA/ARM
  - asyncdisksrc is gone in favor of a better disksrc
  - getregion rework
  - videoscaler/colorconversion updates
  - manual/docs updates

compile fixes:

  - BSD compatibility fixes (MAP_ANON)
  - libxml compile problems fix
  - compile fixes for non x86 architectures
    (mpg123, mpeg_play, getbits, videoscale, ac3dec)
  - mpeg2enc asm comment fixes

bug fixes:

  - videoscaler/colorconversion fixes
  - OSS audiosink bug fix
  - reworked the queue threading code
  - fixed the /etc/gstreamer permissions problem
  - various minor bug fixes


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