[gst-devel] Re: Rare packages.

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Fri Jan 12 21:39:47 CET 2001

On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Govind Salinas wrote:

> I am trying to get gstreamer to work but I am having trouble locating a
> package that provides libasound.so.2 and libmp3lame.so.1.  I have searched
> on rpmfind and on the net and cannot find where these libraries are
> maintained.  If you could provide a location where to obtain them I would be
> thankful.  Also it might help if you put a link on the download page for
> things that might be difficult to find.
That's one problem caused by RPM.  It considers the dependencies even if
they aren't in packages.  You can safely install with the --nodeps option,
you just won't get the LAME plugin.  It'll fail quietly at -register time.

Eventually we'll have all the plugins in seprarate package(s), so you
don't have to worry about depedencies as much.

> And thanks for all the work.  This is a much needed project and will be of
> great benefit to Linux users.
Thanx ;-)


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