[gst-devel] TODO list

Erik Walthinsen omega at temple-baptist.com
Sat Jan 13 02:29:20 CET 2001

<wtay> other prorities :-)
<hadess> like what ?
<wtay> EOS handling for one
<wtay> Clock sync?
<wtay> QoS?
<wtay> hard scheduling?
<Omega> thread-safety
<wtay> caps negociation
<wtay> property APIs
<Omega> metadata props
<wtay> manuals, plugin-writers-guide
<Omega> design guide
<Omega> performance guide
<wtay> bufferpool passing between elements
<wtay> convert to gobject
<wtay> restructure CVS
<wtay> better autoplugging
<wtay> CORBA, bonobo
<Omega> editor object rewrite
<Omega> perl binding for automation
<wtay> guile bindings too
<wtay> test cases
<Omega> test suite
<wtay> regression tests
<wtay> xml namespaces
<wtay> after that we'll do more plugins :-)
<Omega> hehehe

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