[gst-devel] partially committed stuff

Richard Boulton richard at tartarus.org
Wed Jan 17 01:28:10 CET 2001

There seem to be a few half committed things in the CVS, at the moment:

i)   examples/typefind/Makefile is committed instead of .../Makefile.am
ii)  configure.in and the top level Makefile.am mention intl/ and po/, which
     are not yet in the CVS.  This breaks "make dist", but not "make".
iii) configure.in mentions po/Makefile.in not po/Makefile in its AC_OUTPUT
     list.  I'm not certain, but I suspect this should be po/Makefile.

Some of these may be deliberate (I'm thinking of (ii)), but I thought a
note would be useful anyway.


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