[gst-devel] error compiling gstbin.c

Richard Boulton richard at tartarus.org
Thu Jan 18 12:09:32 CET 2001

This is a problem due to a change in libxml: in version 1.x if had childs,
and in 2.x it has children as the name of a particular field.

There is a compatability solution: in the libxml header I have it has:

 * Compatibility naming layer with libxml1
#ifndef xmlChildrenNode
#define xmlChildrenNode childs
#define xmlRootNode root

And this is defined to be children in libxml2.  So the solution is to
replace all occurrences of "childs" with xmlChildrenNode.  We should also
put the #defines in our code, since they're only present with the last
release of libxml1, I believe.

I'll fix in CVS: If you want a quick fix, then you probably only have to
change code in gstreamer/gst/*: just replace all occurrences of childs with

> gstbin.c: In function 'gst_bin_restore_thyself':
> gstbin.c:469: structure has no member named 'childs'
> gstbin.c:477: structure has no member named 'childs'


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