[gst-devel] error compiling gstbin.c

Chris Emerson chris at tartarus.org
Thu Jan 18 11:52:30 CET 2001

On Thu, Jan 18, 2001 at 11:33:17AM +0100, Olaf Stetzer wrote:
> gstbin.c: In function 'gst_bin_restore_thyself':
> gstbin.c:469: structure has no member named 'childs'
> gstbin.c:477: structure has no member named 'childs'

This looks like a problem caused by some renaming done between libxml1
and libxml2.  The fix is to replace "childs" with "xmlChildrenNode"
(and possibly "root" with "xmlRoot"), and include the following lines
so that it works with older versions of libxml1:

#ifndef xmlChildrenNode
#define xmlChildrenNode childs
#define xmlRootNode root

(We came across his at work recently)



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